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Highgate & Tufnell Park

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Our rating of Highgate & Tufnell Park

A highly regarded and affluent area that tends to attract families and professional couples. Amenities are fairly restricted so travel may be required for many things. Offers the best of both worlds as it is located very close to both the city and the transport links taking you to the countryside.

General Description

Highgate is situated in the north of London and has a definite 'village' feel about it. This feature makes it a sought after place to live. As the name suggests, Highgate is one of the highest points in London, and it affords some spectacular views of the city which are especially enchanting by night. Highgate attracts families who want to be in London, without having the constant hustle and bustle of city living. Some of the roads in the west of Highgate back on to Hampstead Heath and this affords the area further desirability. Transport links in the area are fairly limited with only two underground stations (Archway in the south and Highgate in the north, both on the Northern line). This means that some parts of Highgate have a remote feeling about them. However, as with most of London, there is a frequent bus service.

Historically Tufnell Park was renowned for its dairy farms and kept London supplied with milk into the early 19th century. These farms then made way for the Victorian-terraced, residential streets which are typical in the area. It is now known for its diverse lifestyle, with many redevelopment projects taking place here. The area is very mixed socio-economically which means that property prices in the area are lower than other parts of central London. This makes it a popular destination for local professionals and young families, particularly with its friendly feel and excellent transport links.

Muswell Hill is a busy community which is increasing in popularity. The main drawback to this area is that there is no Underground station but buses run very frequently and are reliable. There is a sense of community in Muswell Hill and people living here tend to pull together on matters that affect the 'town'. As the name suggests, hills are a predominant feature to the location and a number of these hills converge at the Broadway. It is popular with families who prefer to be further out of London itself and those who prefer properties with character.

Hampstead Garden Suburb, or The Suburb as it is known to locals, is an area that was designed in the early 20th century as a 'social experiment' where people of all classes could live in comfortable surroundings. The houses were set out in such a way that space is important and privacy is a feeling that many residents report. It is now a conservation area and is popular in its own right. It attracts families and professional people and has a population which whilst predominantly Jewish also is home to a variety of nationalities.

Travel Times

From Highgate to... By Car By Train/Tube
Central London 6 miles, 25 mins 22 mins (direct to Bank)
Heathrow Airport 20 miles, 45 mins 55 mins (2 changes)
Gatwick Airport 71 miles, 75 mins 65 mins (2 changes)

The journey times detailed above By Car are for driving during off-peak times. The By Train / Tube travel is for the fastest journey that you will get at peak-times during the week.

Types of Housing and Pricing

Homes in Highgate tend to be houses rather than apartments and are mainly from Victorian era although there are some very good converted apartments to be found. However, there are many large, detached, modern houses to be found in the area backing on to the Heath. Many of the areas’ most exclusive roads, such as Bishops Avenue and Winnington Road, are just north of the Heath. Shepherds Hill is an exclusive address in Highgate as is Merton Lane and some of the roads leading from it. As Highgate edges towards Holloway and Hornsey, the housing changes slightly and becomes less expensive and less desirable.

Hampstead Garden Suburb’s areas were split to put housing types together with the flats being found in the north end, villas for the middle classes being in the west and grand houses for the upper classes being to the south where the suburb meets Hampstead Heath. Hampstead Garden Suburb attracts many people as it has a good range of housing stock and the prices are slightly cheaper than those found in Hampstead itself, though still high!

Muswell Hill is made up of large Edwardian red-brick houses, most of which remain as private, individual residences though, some have been converted into flats. Many sit either side of tree-lined avenues and also have the unusual feature of balconies and cellars. There are also a number of more modern houses here too.

Homes in Tufnell Park tend to be large Victorian houses set on wide tree lined streets. Many of these have now been converted into flats making large family houses a premium.

Highgate & Hampstead Garden Suburb
  To Purchase To Rent
Studio £340,000 - £380,000 £850 - £1300 per month
1 bed £350,000 - £700,000 £1100 - £2800 per month
2 bed £475,000 - £1,800,000+ £1400 - £5000 per month
3-4 bed £750,000 - £4,000,000+ £1800 - £7500+ per month
5+ bed £1,500,000+ £4500+ per month
Tufnell Park & Muswell Hill
  To Purchase To Rent
Studio £225,000 - £300,000 £800 - £1200 per month
1 bed £350,000 - £700,000 £1200 - £2200 per month
2 bed £450,000 - £1,000,000+ £1400 - £3000 per month
3-4 bed £520,000 - £1,700,000+ £2000 - £5000+ per month
5+ bed £1,200,000+ £4000+ per month

The above data represents an average range of property prices in the area. We have excluded extremes of pricing from our data set.


Education in the UK is compulsory for children between the ages of 5 and 16. Many state-funded schools offer a nursery class from age 4 and independent nursery from as young as 6 months. There is also a choice of both state and independent schools that offer higher education to age 18.

The Local Authority (LA) for Highgate and Muswell Hill is Haringey, for Hampstead Garden Suburb is Barnet and for Tufnell Park is the London Borough of Islington. They are responsible for state-funded schools, including their admissions.

Many families live in Highgate to be close to the independent girls’ schools, while Muswell Hill has a good selection of schools for younger children.

To view a map showing schools in the local area, please click the button below. Each school on the map can be clicked to show further information, including OFSTED ratings, exam results, age ranges and number of pupils.

Schools Map


  • Primary
  • Ranked in Top 10%
  • Requires Improvement
  • Secondary
  • Oustanding
  • Inadequate
  • Primary and Secondary
  • Good
  • Independent School

We can help you to get round the nuances of the British schooling system with our school search services. We offer a range of programmes, from basic consultancy with one of our education specialists, to detailed reporting on every suitable school for your child or children, through to fully accompanied school inspections where we take you to see your top school choices.

More Info

Local Authority, Taxation and Crime Rates

Haringey council is the administrative authority responsible for the Highgate and Muswell Hill. Barnet council is the administrative authority responsible for Hampstead Garden Suburb. London Borough of Islington is the administrative authority responsible for Tufnell Park. They levy an annual charge known as ‘Council Tax’ for local services such as waste collection, street lighting, police and fire services. You should expect to pay Council Tax whether you are renting or buying.

The police authority for the area is the Metropolitan. For non-emergency calls to the police, phone 101.

Your local Member of Parliament (MP) is elected by their local constituents to represent their interests and concerns in the House of Commons.

A good source of information for crime rates in the area is ‘Illustreets’. The website has a great interactive map which provides detailed local statistics, including standards of living.


Shopping within Highgate itself is generally restricted to boutiques and delicatessen style shops. With its "villagey" feel, many residents walking to collect their newspapers on a Sunday morning. The big high street stores won't be found here but despite that, everyday needs are catered for.

Brent Cross shopping centre is about 15 minutes away and has a very good selection of brand name stores.

Muswell Hill Broadway has a lot more going on with many good quality shops, restaurants and cafes to choose from. .

Tufnell Park’s main local shopping area is along the Holloway Road where you will find a large supermarket, indoor marker and various other high street shops.

There are five main supermarkets chains in the UK: Asda, Morrisons, Sainsburys, Tesco and Waitrose. However, they now face competition from other brands such as Aldi, Lidl, The Co-Op and Marks & Spencer. Most offer on-line shopping facilities as well as Ocado, which is the only completely online grocery retailer in the UK, that offers Waitrose quality produce.

Waitrose and Marks and Spencer offer higher quality produce with prices reflecting this. Sainsbury’s and Tesco offer good value for money for a weekly family shop and Asda, Morrisons and The Co-Op are competitively priced with a larger range of budget everyday items. Aldi and Lidl are German brands that stock produce typical to the UK. They are often referred to as discount stores and offer fewer products.

As part of our Home Search Programme, we will orientate you around your target areas and show you where the nearest shopping centres and supermarkets are.

Home Search Programmes

Leisure Facilities

Archway Leisure Centre - facilities include a swimming pool, gym and health suite on site.

Odeon Holloway - 8 screen cinema showing RealD 3D films and all box office releases.

Park Road Pools and Fitness – includes a swimming pool, gym, dance and exercise classes as well as various ball game facilities

The Sobell Badminton Club - one of the best know badminton clubs in North London. The club welcomes all new players of every ability.

Local Attractions

Alexandra Palace - built in the 19th Century as the 'palace for the people' it has an ice rink, boating lake and many other things to offer for a family day out.

Highgate Cemetery - probably most famous for being the resting place of Karl Marx and is a protected site that attracts wildlife.

Jackson's Lane Theatre - a small theatre that is home to amateur productions.

Highgate Wood - a 70 acre open space owned by the City of London. It has football and cricket pitches as well as a children's playground. Also perfect for Sunday morning strolls.

Hampstead Heath – again owned by the City of London and is one of the best open spaces in London. The views of London from here are amazing (on a clear day)

Hampstead and Highgate Festival – an annual event held in the grounds of Kenwood. Fun for all the family.

Highgate Hill - in the story of Dick Whittington, it was at the foot of Highgate Hill that Dick heard the bells of Bow ringing out to tell him to turn again. There is now a stone topped with a bronze cat in this spot in commemoration.