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What to Include in a Relocation Policy

What to Include in a Relocation Policy (Jun 2017)

Just like any other HR policy, a relocation policy ensures consistency, reduces unexpected costs and guarantees that transferees understand the terms and benefits of their relocation package. The policy should include submission of expenses and any time limits your company may have in place...

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Rental Terminology

Our A-Z Guide to Rental Terminology (Jun 2017)

Here at the Relocation Bureau, we know that renting a property can be a stressful experience and can be made even more confusing when faced with tricky terms and phrases. To help you on your way, we have put together an A-Z list of rental terminology to make the process simpler and easier to understand!

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Stay out of trouble, keep up with legislation

New Legislation Affecting Landlords (Jun 2017)

Following on from our article last month on the changes happening with buy-to-let mortgages, we take a look at some other recent key legislation which will impact the rental market...

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Make sure you make the right choice!

Top 8 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Property to Rent or Purchase (May 2017)

Renting or purchasing a property can be difficult, even at the best of times. With so many elements making up a move, transferees can quickly become overwhelmed and struggle to make a confident decision when choosing a property. Here, we have put together our list of top 8 factors to consider when choosing a property to rent or purchase...

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Australia Visa Changes

Visa Changes for Working in Australia (May 2017)

The Australian Government have announced that they are abolishing the 457 visa in order to strengthen the quality of temporary and permanent employees, as well as ensuring there are more opportunities for skilled local Australian’s...

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Buy to Let Tax Changes

Buy to Let Tax Changes (May 2017)

On April 6th, at the start of the new tax year, the first stage of changes to the taxes on buy to let mortgages came into effect. Those landlords on a higher-rate of tax can no longer offset the full amount of interest on their mortgage against their rental income before calculating the tax due...

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Uk Visas

UK Visas and Registering with the Police (Apr 2017)

Not registering with the UK police, if required, could mean a hefty fine of £5,000 alongside a six month jail sentence. In addition, permission to stay may be shortened and future visa’s or extensions can be refused. So what do you need to know to ensure your transferees comply with the law?

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Property Searches for Graduates and Interns

Property Searches for Graduates and Interns (Apr 2017)

Are you currently planning to take on any summer graduates or interns in the next 3 months? What assistance, if any, do you currently provide?..

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Award runner up, Oliver Vassie

Wycombe Apartments SME Business Awards (Apr 2017)

Wycombe Apartments young director achieves “Runner Up” in the Buckinghamshire Young Business Person of the Year awards...

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Property Market Report

Property Market Report (Mar 2017)

According to research by Chestertons, UK house prices grew by an average 7.7% in 2016, taking the average price to £236,424. Annual price growth was strongest in the East of England (11.3%), followed by the South East (8.5%) and London (7.5%). The lowest growth was seen in the North East, which recorded growth of 4.1%...

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School Search in Operation

School Search in Operation (Mar 2017)

People underestimate the amount of time and work involved in relocating to a new country or area. The Relocation Bureau exists to make life easier for you and to reduce the stress for all involved in the moving process...

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Contents Insurance for Tenants - Protect your home

Contents Insurance for Tenants – Protecting your Home (Mar 2017)

It is highly recommended that your employees take out a Contents Insurance Policy when they move into their new property. This type of insurance will protect their personal possessions...

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End of Tenancy Pitfalls

End of Tenancy Pitfalls (Feb 2017)

Though making arrangements to end a tenancy may sound straight forward enough, there are many aspects you should consider before rejecting the idea of using the professional service offered by relocation providers...

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West London

Area Focus - West London (Feb 2017)

Most visitors to the Capital will only experience West London en-route to or from Heathrow Airport, confined either to a train, the tube, or the motorway. However, in the 5 mile stretch from Ealing to Shepherd’s Bush, you will find a thriving economy and an equally vibrant environment in which work and live...

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Expat Cars

Expat Cars - Rent, Lease or Buy? (Feb 2017)

In this article we’ll compare the different ways of obtaining a car whilst on an assignment in the UK, and the pros and cons of each for different scenarios. There are a lot of variables which come into play when considering your employee’s options for acquiring a car; how long they need it for, what type of car, the make and model of car they want and how many miles they plan to drive it...

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Choose the right supplier for you

Out with the Old in with the New (Jan 2017)

Most reviews of services and providers are only driven by the need to reduce costs. This alone should not be the only motive for reviewing your current suppliers and an annual review can show some surprising results regarding the quality of service, as well as those costs that gradually seem to increase unnoticed over time....

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UK Custom Imports

Changes in Customs Imports to the UK (Jan 2017)

HMRC have introduced some changes to customs procedures which take effect as of 31 March 2017. These changes state that freight consisting of unaccompanied baggage arriving through both air and sea ports will now need to be declared for import clearance in a different way. The new process requires that a...

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Software in the Relocation Industry

Software in the Relocation Industry (Jan 2017)

In the last decade, technology has made huge leaps and bounds, with computers and software now forming an integral part of everyday life both at home and in work. Many industries place a strong reliance on it to manage process, finance and general admin tasks, plus many more specialised tasks...

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Family Considerations when Relocationg

Family Considerations when Relocating (Dec 2016)

Moving home is never an easy task; it is commonly quoted as one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. When you also have the responsibility of moving your family this can make it an even tougher time. Not only that but your priorities naturally shift when you have to consider your children, both looking at the properties and the areas you are potentially relocating to. Here we examine a few things that you should take into account when planning the move...

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Are smaller Relocation Companies the way forward?

Are Smaller Relocation Companies the Way Forward (Dec 2016)

The new buzz word for the smaller Relocation companies is ‘Boutique’, meaning ‘a business serving a sophisticated or specialized clientele’ – something we have been doing at The Relocation Bureau for 30 years!

HR and Mobility professionals are now expecting to receive a much better level of service and overall value for money when it comes to moving their transferees...

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Why Rental Furniture?

Why Rental Furniture? (Dec 2016)

In the Global Mobility / Relocation Service cycle, Rental Furniture is often overlooked as a service that provides valuable cost & time saving solutions for the assignees, their families and their employers...

Consider this typical relocation scenario; Many assignees are provided with 30 days of company-funded temporary accommodation...

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Thames Valley

Area Focus - Thames Valley (Nov 2016)

Crossrail is the new high frequency, high capacity railway for London and the home counties of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Essex. Once complete the service will run from Reading through to Shenfield on the Elizabeth Line. From December 2019, when the Crossrail route fully opens, passengers will be able to travel through central London without having to change trains....

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Landlord Health & Safety

Landlord Health & Safety Responsibilities (Nov 2016)

Ensuring the health and safety of employees in the work place is a day to day occurrence but what about their health and safety in the rental property that you have assisted them in finding?

UK landlords have a responsibility for the health & safety of their tenants, though some will try to shirk the responsibility, so knowing what a ‘requirement’ is and what is ‘advised good practice’ is essential...

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Education Options for Expats Coming to the UK (Nov 2016)

When making the move to the UK with children, choosing the right school is a top priority. International schools can often be the most popular option for an expat student in the UK due to the ability to provide similar standards of schooling from around the world. A serious point to consider when making the move is that the majority of expats who come to the UK have limited term contracts...

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Non-Performing Landlords

Non-Performing Landlords – Property Management for Tenants (Oct 2016)

In the past year we’ve seen a significant rise in the number of Landlords who fail to live up to their repairing and maintaining obligations. There are usually financial reasons behind the problem – a Landlord may for example be looking to sell the property at the end of the tenancy, and doesn’t want to spend on maintenance. For some though, it’s just sheer penny pinching, but if it’s affecting one of your employees, there are ways and means to bring the errant Landlord to task. In this review, we’ll look at some common situations, and give some examples of what action a Tenant can take...

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Commuter Serviced Apartments

Commuter Serviced Apartments (Oct 2016)

Commuter apartments are a new cost-cutting trend in the serviced apartment market. They stand out as having easy commuting access into major cities, yet being much cheaper per night than city centre serviced apartments. The phenomenon started, not surprisingly, in the South East, but is now spreading throughout the UK...

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Property Market Report (October 2016)

Property Market Report (Oct 2016)

In London, according to Rightmove, asking prices dropped by 2.6% in August. This is thought to be due to an 8% increase in the number of properties on the market, combined with the summer holiday period, which traditionally sees less activity from buyers...

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Letting Agent Fees & Charges

Letting Agent Fees & Charges (Sep 2016)

The fees charged by letting agents for a tenancy setup are often a nasty surprise to many new tenants. Charges vary widely from agent to agent, and area to area. Average fees are around £250 plus VAT, but whilst many smaller agents can charge as little as £125, the standard tenancy setup fees of several of the larger chains have been creeping upwards, and in some cases now top £500 plus VAT...

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European Nervous Pet Shipments

European Nervous Pet Shipments (Sep 2016)

If you’re hiring or relocating staff from within the EU, sooner or later you’re going to come across a situation where an employee is looking to relocate their pet, and they’re asking for your help.

We handle one or two pet moves a week, and while most animal shipments are done by air, we’ve started doing an increasing number of pet relocations...

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A day in the life of a Relocation Counsellor - Oliver

A Day In The Life Of... A Relocation Counsellor (Sep 2016)

Being a Relocation Counsellor can be fun. You get to meet some very nice people who are relying on you to produce their relocation solution, and you get an enormous buzz when it all comes together. Doing the job well takes months and months of training, and you need an encyclopaedic knowledge base. It’s a job that varies every day...

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Post-Brexit Planning

Post-BREXIT Planning (Aug 2016)

If you’ve got non-UK EU nationals working in your company, what action might you take to calm the waters during this period of uncertainty? Lets look at some figures. There are some 2.15m non-UK EU citizens working in the UK (source: ONS, May2016), who paid roughly a net £2.5bn in tax and NI contributions (source: HMRC) in 2014, the latest year on record...

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Relocation Assistance Reduces Removal Costs

Relocation Assistance Reduces Removal Costs (Aug 2016)

Using a Relocation Specialist is commonly thought to be a luxury service only suitable for a company’s most senior staff. However, a good relocation agent can help you to keep an employee move on track, and keep your costs to a minimum.

The largest controllable cost in any relocation will normally be the removal. With a major intra-UK move costing over £5000, and big international moves costing twice that...

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Serviced Temporary Accommodation

Serviced Temporary Accommodation (Aug 2016)

Most large cities now have a choice of short stay corporate housing, and we routinely source this for transferees. Most studio apartments are priced to compete with local hotels, with one bed units comprising a lounge, kitchen, double bedroom and bathroom going for a small premium. They can be a real cost saver on hotels – the provision of a full kitchen, and a washer / dryer, can save on per diem allowances and laundry bills...

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