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Are Smaller Relocation Companies the Way Forward?

Are Smaller Relocation Companies the way forward?

The new buzz word for the smaller Relocation companies is ‘Boutique’, meaning ‘a business serving a sophisticated or specialized clientele’ – something we have been doing at The Relocation Bureau for 30 years!

HR and Mobility professionals are now expecting to receive a much better level of service and overall value for money when it comes to moving their transferees. As a result, we are now observing some changing patterns in the mobility space, where smaller boutique relocation companies are now more likely to be chosen to assist with a move.

Here are some significant reasons why:

The Quality of Service & Experience

This is the most important reason for the move towards boutique relocation. Dealing with a large multi-national relocation company often means transferees are treated like a number and not an individual. A lack of consistency and attention to detail in the level of service received is also common as a result of multiple people working on one case file. Smaller relocation agencies are nimble and responsive to their clients – they are able act quickly and not be bogged down by complex structures and systems like many of their larger, more cumbersome competitors. Most importantly they understand that the level and type of assistance required will vary, as each transferee is unique. Here at The Relocation Bureau, all of our counsellors are hand-picked and highly trained with excellent area and market knowledge along with outstanding customer service skills, providing a “hand held” experience for the family.

International vs Local

Organisations and companies traditionally chose a provider that had a “global footprint”. The reason being it was thought this would offer clients an “all-in-one” deal, meaning increased efficiency, improved communication, as well as reduced transaction costs. Unfortunately, the reality is that big relocation companies will often outsource services to another provider, resulting in a lack of understanding when it comes to meeting the client’s specific individual needs. Boutique providers value each and every assignee and will often use suppliers and partners who are like minded. The overall result means stronger partnerships and better service levels.

Value for Money

Mobility and HR professionals are finding that larger relocation companies aren’t actually as cost effective as previously thought. Whilst larger global companies have teams of people all around the world and large support structures, this comes at a great cost that someone has to pay for – inevitably the client! Boutique relocation companies are smaller and typically have a much more efficient and streamlined cost structure. You will also find that their suppliers will operate in a similar manner, meaning competitive quotes and cost reductions for the client. Overall, your transferee’s relocation budget will be spent on getting the best experience and service for them, not paying for large overheads that the transferee doesn’t benefit from.

If you are currently using a large relocation company to move your employees, why not consider using a boutique provider for your most senior staff? If you would like to review your relocation policy and discuss our free trial offer, please contact us.

Dec 2016