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A Day In The Life Of A Relocation Counsellor - Oliver

A day in the life of a Relocation Counsellor - Oliver

Being a Relocation Counsellor can be fun. You get to meet some very nice people who are relying on you to produce their relocation solution, and you get an enormous buzz when it all comes together. Doing the job well takes months and months of training, and you need an encyclopaedic knowledge base. It’s a job that varies every day.

Today Oliver is getting ready for a series of viewing days in Kensington later in the week. You might think that property web sites like Zoopla and Rightmove would be his main source of suitable available properties, but he knows from experience that only about half of what he’ll show his client will be on the internet. Getting the other half together takes time and effort, but its always worth it.

He registered the client’s property requirements with about 150 agents two days ago, and he now starts by sifting through their replies, creating a small pile of A-listers, a larger pile of B-listers, and a massive pile of rejects! Next step is to see who hasn’t yet got around to replying, and give them a telephone call. By 4:00pm he’s chased over 50 different agents, and now has another new pile for review. Finally, by 6:30pm he’s got a shortlist of 15 A-list properties, ready to make appointments with agents. It’s been a long tough day, half of it on the phone, but by persevering he knows that he’s put together a good set of choices, and that its quite likely that both a first choice, and a second choice will emerge from the viewing days.

To assess those properties that he’s been offered, Oliver has graded them according to whether or not they meet the transferee’s wishes. It’s not just a case of four beds unfurnished available next month – that will do. The selection process is more complex, and for example will take into account proximity to main roads and railway lines. Most of our B-listers will meet the spec, but will be poorly located. Getting that property selection right takes skill, and local knowledge.

Want to be a Relocation Counsellor? Try this on for size... The Jacksons will be relocating from Denver in mid-September. They need somewhere to live, and ideally an international school for their three children aged 5, 7 and 14. Mum Holly will be transferring to her company’s European HQ in Maidenhead, in the Thames Valley, 15 miles west of Heathrow, whilst Dad Rodney, who’s in Sales Management, will be working from home, but will need to get up to Cambridge at least twice a week for meetings. Where would you relocate them to? See below for the answer...

Answer: We’d look at Gerrards Cross and Beaconsfield, both in leafy Buckinghamshire. Why? Both towns lie within the bussing area of the American Community School in Uxbridge, just north of Heathrow Airport, so the kids can get picked up from home, and dropped off again. Mum has an easy 30 minute commute to Maidenhead, with back route options to avoid the M25 and M4 if needed. On his office days, Dad has a longer commute round the M25 and up to Cambridge, but on most mornings the clockwise traffic flow on the NW M25 is very good (anti-clockwise is a car park!), and so his journey time will only be just over an hour. Getting home later in the day is equally fast.

Relocation solutions such as this are very much a part of our day to day stock in trade, and we’re used to making the daunting do-able. The integrated relocation solutions that we provide can save days and days of employee time waste, and spare you the cost of extra nights in serviced accommodation. If you think that we can help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Sep 2016