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End of Tenancy Pitfalls

End of Tenancy Pitfalls

Though making arrangements to end a tenancy may sound straight forward enough, there are many aspects you should consider before rejecting the idea of using the professional service offered by relocation providers.

Firstly you need to look at the Tenancy Agreement to ensure you are complying with all clauses. Do you need to give notice or is the term coming to a natural close? You will need to look closely at the clauses specific to the ‘End of the Tenancy’ and ensure you observe them entirely.

The advice we will give your employee will ensure a smooth departure from the property without any unexpected surprises once they have left. What should they do if they have broken or damaged something at the property? Have they left multiple picture hooks in every room and what about the door key that their teenage son has lost?

Most Tenancy Agreements will require a professional clean at the end of the tenancy. This will mean using a company that can steam clean carpets, curtains and soft furnishings along with providing interior and exterior window cleaning and, if the property includes linens, these will need to be laundered to a professional standard too. Do you know and trust a cleaning company you can use? If not, you are likely to pay a higher rate for the cleaning than a relocation provider can negotiate for you and could even be left with a dilapidation claim if the job has not been completed to a high standard.

Who will attend the checkout of the property and meet with the Inventory Clerk? It is essential that the checkout is attended by a representative of your employee; this ensures that any dilapidation claims are fair and reasonable and if your employee is responsible for any damage, photograph’s can be taken so that any disputes are settled quickly.

Have all the meters been read and the utility accounts closed, something often overlooked by tenants when moving? We included these as standard with our Tenancy Termination package.

Now you receive the dilapidation claim from the landlord and probably struggle to comprehend how he can claim such a high amount for replacing a blown light bulb! The highest claim we have received was £18 per light bulb and there were several that needed replacing. We can assure you this wasn’t remotely near the actual figure we negotiated on behalf of our client but these are those unexpected surprises mentioned earlier.

Tenancy Agreements frequently state that a reasonable amount of pictures can be hung in the property, though these need to be ‘made good’ at the end of the tenancy. On average a landlord will charge £5 per hole if the Tenant has not rectified them but we often see claims of £10 per hole, which of course we dispute.

Another favourite of landlords is to charge for the removal of items left by the tenant. Often a tenant will leave an item which they consider in good condition and which may be of use to the next tenant, but the landlord may see this as added clutter and can charge for the removal. The costs can soon mount up and a landlord will include the time taken to remove the item, fuel if a trip to the dump is needed and a third parties expenses if they are not removing the item/s themselves.

Any claim needs to be reviewed carefully, what did the Inventory state when the tenant moved into the property, is the claim the tenants responsibility or a maintenance issue and is the claim fair and reasonable?

We recently dealt with a dilapidation claim for £6,247.00 which we successfully negotiated down to £1,827.60. One main aspect of the claim was for the replacement of an entire wooden floor when in fact there was minor damage in one small area. We also considered many items being claimed for were actually fair wear and tear and as the Tenant had been at the property for a 3 year term and effectively disputed the claims.

If you cannot agree on the dilapidation claim then your deposit won’t be released, so knowing your rights and how to use a dispute resolution service will be necessary, as well as preparing the case to put forward to them.

We offer a competitive Tenancy Termination Service for a fixed price so why not give us a call to discuss your requirements further.


Feb 2017