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Out with the Old in with the New

Choose the right supplier for you!

Most reviews of services and providers are only driven by the need to reduce costs. This alone should not be the only motive for reviewing your current suppliers and an annual review can show some surprising results regarding the quality of service, as well as those costs that gradually seem to increase unnoticed over time.

We have put together some points to consider and why an annual review of your relocation supplier can be of benefit to every company, ensuring that you are getting the best service for your budget, company and employee.


Does your relocation provider use the same removal company time after time? If so, you won’t be receiving the best price or service. Shipping rates vary greatly and we always request quotes from three or more removal companies, so you can be sure to always get a competitive price.

Using various removal suppliers ensures they are not complacent that the next job is already ‘in the bag’ and focuses their attention on quoting the best price, as well as ensuring they provide an excellent service to gain the next job.

Does the relocation provider you use outsource the home search to another company or a network of self-employed counsellors? This is where continuity of service is really lost, how can you know from one relocation to the next if the service will be as good, or bad, as the last one?


Using the same relocation company/counsellor is reassuring for employees when they talk to colleagues about their move, giving them peace of mind that they can hit the road running as soon as they arrive in the UK.

A good relocation company will keep HR updated as the relocation progresses, without the constant need to ask about internal policies as they will already be familiar with how your company operates.

The relationship formed with your relocation provider is essential in saving you money and time, allowing you to concentrate on other areas of the business. Essentially, you need a relocation company that can assist and answer your employees questions giving them confidence that the process will be managed to a high standard with the best outcome for them.

Size Of Provider

A large global relocation provider often means that the transferee is dealt with by multiple counsellors and treated as a ‘case’ rather than a person or family.

A smaller relocation company will appoint one counsellor to each transferee as their main point of contact, but as they work closely as a team you always have full support if your counsellor isn’t available. This won’t be an ‘I’ll look into this for you’ response, the team will all be aware of what stage of the process each transferee is at and what individual aims need to be achieved.

Finding a New Supplier

So what do you look for in a new supplier? Think about what you are not entirely happy with from your current provider, has anything gone wrong in the last year? Do you feel there is room for improvement in the service you get and most importantly, what do your employees say about the service they have received?

Is a new supplier happy to change their process to incorporate your company’s needs and are you confident that they will work with you to implement improvements in the future? We provide HR with our ‘How Did We Do’ forms completed by their employees about our services so you always have a record of each individual move.

We would recommend a face to face meeting when looking for a new supplier, it’s important to know you can work well together and be confident in the services being offered. And of course, you will need to consider your budget, don’t forget to ask about any hidden costs!

For a review of your supplier why not contact us for a friendly informal chat.


Jan 2017