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Property Searches for Graduates and Interns

Property Searches for Graduates and Interns

Are you currently planning to take on any summer graduates or interns in the next 3 months? What assistance, if any, do you currently provide?

We offer condensed home search programmes, specifically designed for companies who need to provide a housing solution for graduates or interns, on a limited budget.

For graduates or interns arriving to the UK from abroad, we have our “GO Graduate” programme. After an initial conversation with the transferee to discuss their relocation in more detail and of course, their requirements for a housing solution (i.e. area, number of bedrooms etc.) we would then source and view numerous properties on their behalf that match their requirements. Detailed property reports are then sent to the client or transferee for review and to choose which property they would like to proceed with.

For graduates or interns who are already based in the UK and closer to the office, we can provide our “Un-accompanied Home Search” programme. Again, after an initial conversation to discuss their requirements, we would then source suitable properties and send to the transferee for review. We would then make appointments for the transferee to view the properties on their own.

For both programmes, once the client or transferee has chosen which property they wish to proceed with, we would then complete all the lease negotiations on their behalf. We will review and check tenancy agreements to ensure they are fair and reasonable, before sending onto the client or transferee for signature. We then provide details to your graduate or intern on how to set up their utility and council tax accounts, as well as phone and broadband packages.

If you are taking on a new graduate or intern this summer and need to find them a temporary housing solution, why not contact us today to find out how we can make their move painless and stress free, all within a limited budget.

Apr 2017