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Relocation Assistance Reduces Removal Costs

Relocation Assistance Reduces Removal Costs.

Using a Relocation Specialist is commonly thought to be a luxury service only suitable for a company’s most senior staff. However, a good relocation agent can help you to keep an employee move on track, and keep your costs to a minimum.

The largest controllable cost in any relocation will normally be the removal. With a major intra-UK move costing over £5000, and big international moves costing twice that, it can pay to source multiple quotations from different companies. You may think that you can save money by only ever using a single removal supplier, but in our experience this often leads to additional hidden costs caused by the use of third party subcontractors. In the worst cases, we’ve seen inflated shipment volumes resulting in much higher than average bills.

A good relocation specialist knows how to work across a range of competing suppliers to keep costs down. For example, we were recently approached by a potential client who was looking at a £15,000 quote for a removal shipment from Norway to the UK. We got the cost down to £9,000, and acquired a new client!

We only ever source intra-UK removal quotations from companies who are members of the BAR, and all our international quotes are from companies who conform to the FIDI-FAIM quality standards. This sourcing method allows us to directly compare competing quotations, ensuring that our clients get best value for money.

If your company pays for removal costs when relocating an employee, think when you last reviewed your relocation policy. Do you place any limits on shipment volumes? For example, on international moves, a single 40ft hi-cube sole-use container, with a 4cbm air shipment of essentials, is seen as a reasonable allowance for a family move. If you need advice on what is reasonable, and what policy exceptions can be reasonably applied in unusual circumstances, then don’t hesitate to ask for our advice.

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Aug 2016