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People underestimate the amount of time and work involved in relocating to a new country or area. The Relocation Bureau exists to make life easier for you and to reduce the stress for all involved in the moving process.

Moving away from home for work can be immensely stressful. Our core aim is to do everything we can to ensure that these stress levels are kept to a minimum by guiding employees gently through all the processes, making sure that they don’t miss anything important, but also ensuring that they don’t become overwhelmed by all that needs to be done. With the support of The Relocation Bureau, the employee remains in control of their future move, but will have much of the necessary administration and time consuming jobs removed from their hands.

School search and educational support

When a family is moving, identifying and securing school places can be the key factor in the success or failure of the relocation. The UK has a vast array of education options available, each of which has differing entry requirements.

The Relocation Bureau works closely with your employee, fully explaining the complex and varied UK systems, prior to establishing the specific needs of the children and assessing the most suitable schools. Accompanied visits and assessments can be arranged, along with support to help secure places for children at the chosen schools.

This service typically includes:

Advice on schooling in the UK, to include, types of school, syllabuses, examinations, entry procedures, and registration and fees.

Assessment of needs, in ascertaining specific requirements (e.g. Primary or secondary school. state or independent school, preferred gender mix of school and any specific requirements of the individual children)

School search and selection of short-list, with advice as to the merits of each school. Provision of details of the most suitable, geographically closest, relevant state and/or independent schools (to include contact details, website link, league table results, and Ofsted Reports)

Advice on the availability of spaces within those schools, and arrangements to visit where required.

Accompanied Visits to a selection of appropriate schools with a Relocation Bureau Consultant.

Organising registration with chosen schools, confirming places with schools, assisting with completion of application forms, organising assessments/examinations

On-going support services such as arranging payments of fees, organising uniform appointments, etc.

Case Study: A Corporate Relocation from Switzerland to Guildford, UK

The head of HR for a global medical company required The Relocation Bureau’s assistance in relocating their new Vice President and his family, to their headquarters in Guildford, Surrey.

Paul was travelling to the UK first to start work and had the responsibility of finding a rental property and state schools for his wife and two children age 10 and 13. The family would follow a couple of months later to fit into the new school terms here in the UK and finish in Switzerland.

Paul’s main concerns were that of language. His wife and children’s first language was French, and their English was limited. It was therefore imperative that they had support in selecting the state schools that were best able to assist with this as well as dealing with all the administration that comes with life in the UK.

An intensive rental home search with our local area consultant was successful, resulting in us securing a four bedroom, unfurnished house in Guildford close to the office and sought after local state schools.

Our next step was the school search. The Relocation Bureau contacted all of the local state schools and discussed their language support and approach to ESL (English as a Second Language)

The current school’s policy is to integrate new children into the classroom as quickly as possible, even if they speak little English. In some schools, complete beginners are placed in special classes offering English tuition which can be offered full time for the first few weeks, or by substituting less relevant lessons. After this, children are supported in the classroom, with many schools employing bilingual teaching assistants, especially if several children speak the first language.

We secured appointments with those schools that were more ‘accommodating’ and accompanied Paul on the visits. This gave him a huge insight as to how his children could fit in and what help they would receive.

The timing of the relevant school applications was the next hurdle as most local authorities will not accept school applications until children are resident in the UK. It then takes 2-3 weeks for the applications to be processed and the school places offered. The fact Paul had a UK address was irrelevant.

Once we had an arrival date for the children the relevant school applications were made, and fortunately spaces were available in the correct year groups for both children.

Despite being offered a place in arguably a better school closer to home, Paul accepted a place at a secondary school a little further away for his eldest daughter. Having met the head master personally, Paul felt the language support and atmosphere of the school better suited his eldest child, something he probably wouldn’t have considered had he not received specific school support from The Relocation Bureau.

Mar 2017