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UK Visas and Registering with the Police


Not registering with the UK police, if required, could mean a hefty fine of £5,000 alongside a six month jail sentence. In addition, permission to stay may be shortened and future visa’s or extensions can be refused. So what do you need to know to ensure your transferees comply with the law?

Firstly you need to check if it is a requirement of their visa, this will be shown on their visa vignette as ‘Police Registration’ or ‘Register with Police in 7 days of entry ‘, or on the transferees letter from the Home Office once an application has been approved. For a quick reference we have provided a list of countries below that will require registration.

Registration needs to be arranged with the police station local to your transferees UK property and the appointment must be within 7 days of arrival in the UK. Unfortunately every police station differs in the arrangements for appointments; some are timed appointments whereas others will have a ‘take a place in line ‘system. Most stations only have registration on one day of the week. In some towns you will visit the police station closest to the property and others will direct you to a larger station, for instance St Albans residence will be directed to Hatfield Police Station for registration.

There is a fee, currently £34 (cash only), that needs to be paid at the appointment and your transferee will need 2 recent passport size photographs, their passport, visa, Home Office letter and Biometric Residence Permit (BRP). In our experience each police station differs in what they like to see at the appointment, so always check what is required prior to the appointment. On occasions we have been asked to provide proof of address so now take a Tenancy Agreement with us when we accompany transferees to appointments.

With the restrictions of registering within 7 days of arrival, it is best to make enquires early and once you have a confirmed arrival date make an appointment to register, if the station has an appointment system.

At the appointment they will confirm details such as nationality, marital status, place of work, UK address and will verify what you can and can’t do with your visa, as well as how long you can stay.

During the stay in the UK if any details change your transferee must inform the police immediately.

Transferee’s do not need to register if they have dual nationality with one of the countries below and a country not on the list.

Afghanistan Algeria Argentina Armenia Azerbaijan Bahrain Belarus
Bolivia Brazil China Colombia Cuba Egypt Georgia
Iran Iraq Israel Jordan Kazakhstan Kuwait Kyrgyzstan
Lebanon Libya Moldova Morocco North Korea Oman Palestine
Peru Qatar Russia Saudi Arabia Sudan Syria Tajikistan
Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan United Arab Emirates Ukraine Uzbekistan Yemen

Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)

A BRP does not need to be applied for, it will be provided automatically when a visa or immigration is approved. It will confirm identity, the right to work or study in the UK and any entitlements to public services or benefits. It also includes the transferee’s name, place of birth, date, fingerprints and photograph.

BRP’s have to be collected within 10 days of arrival in the UK, non-collection can result in a fine of £1,000. The decision letter about your visa application will state where the BRP should be collected from and what documents will be needed at collection.

Children are also required to have a BRP and unless a nominated person is named during the application process, the child will need to be present at collection. Any child under 18 years of age will need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

For a parents or legal guardian to collect a child’s BRP they will need to be named as the nominated person during the application stage for the BRP.

Lost or stolen BRP’s must be reported immediately stating full name, date of birth, nationality and an email or postal address. The Home Office will contact you within 1 working day of reporting the loss, please note that once reported as lost a BRP cannot be used if later found. Further information to report a lost BRP can be found at

If police registration is required the BRP will need to be collected prior to the appointment.

If you would like us to arrange and accompany collections and registration appointments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Apr 2017