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Why Rental Furniture?

Why Rental Furniture?

In the Global Mobility / Relocation Service cycle, Rental Furniture is often overlooked as a service that provides valuable cost & time saving solutions for the assignees, their families and their employers.

Consider this typical relocation scenario:

Many assignees are provided with 30 days of company-funded temporary accommodation whilst their relocation provider sources a permanent home for them.

In many cases, the property is found, the tenancy agreement negotiated, the inventory check-in completed, and the assignee & family are looking forward to moving into their new “home”. But then, the arrival of their household goods shipment into the UK is not yet due or delayed! What’s the solution?

Extending the family’s stay in temporary housing until their HHGs arrive can be expensive. Typically, the monthly cost for good quality family-sized serviced accommodation in Central London for a 2/3 bed apartment ranges between £6,000 to £7,500 inc VAT. And, whilst the assignee’s company is incurring these costs, they have the additional monthly rental costs of the assignee’s newly secured permanent rental home, including council tax, utilities etc. In other words, corporate costs are duplicated.

Moving the assignee and family out of temporary housing, and renting furniture & accessories until their shipment arrives significantly reduces costs. Renting mid range furniture for a 2/3 bed property for a 1 month contract typically costs only between £2,000 and £2,550 per month. These rates cover delivery, installation, setting up, collection and VAT, and include living room, dining room & bedroom furniture, bedding, linen, lighting, housewares, electricals etc! The savings are substantial.

“The process” Iain says “is much simpler than many people believe. Our company liaises with the relocation company’s account manager, or directly with the assignee, and we can arrange delivery and installation of a rental furniture package into the assignee’s rental property usually within a 5-7 working day lead time, often much sooner”.

It is a turnkey solution with many upsides:

Apart from the cost-savings for the company, this service solution accelerates the assignee’s settling-in process.

  • The assignee and family moves seamlessly into their permanent property.
  • The children start school immediately.
  • The employee gets acclimatized to their work commute.
  • All this from the comfort of their newly secured property, which has been transformed quickly and efficiently into a real “home from home!”

In addition to short term/interim rental furniture solutions, medium & long term furniture rentals (3-6-12-36 months) are available for assignees renting unfurnished properties and who want a reliable, flexible and cost-effective alternative to the costly and time consuming business of buying furniture and disposing it at the end of their assignment.

Iain Crichton is a Business Development Consultant for ‘Roomservice by CORT’, a wholly owned subsidiary of CORT (a Berkshire Hathaway company owned by Warren Buffett) and the world’s largest furniture rental business.

Dec 2016